Making of "Tree Story" Animated Short

Tree Story: Animated Short


It all starts with a story board

Production Materials


  • Cold Press Water color paper and water colors used for all the back grounds except for the tree falling shot (Shot 1)
  • Backgrounds were scanned or photographed based on the texture which I wanted
  • For the tree falling Shot 1, I used crayola crayons in on the water color paper to get a forest like trees effect in the background

Well, thus I ended up using water color for the first time :D ... it was FUN

Shot 1 (Trees Shot)

With a cut paper towel roll and a crumpled color paper, Made the tree (Post processed using Adobe Photoshop)

Shot 2 (Paper Factory Shot)

Recognize the following !!!.. yes they are the components for the paper factory

Products from the Paper Factory

chopsticks carrying the tree logs was animated

Shot 3 (Bird Flight Shot)

STOP MOTION: Took pictures of origami bird in different positions ... you get the basic idea with the following four pictures

There were 10 unique pictures used to complete one cycle of the bird flight and multiple birds are duplicated Birds were flipped vertically to match the story board and the sequence

Shot 4 (Camera Capturing the flying birds Shot)

Only one card board box was used to create camera, printer (duplicated and stacked) and the tray for the printer: Thanks to Photoshop

  • Camera

  • Printer

  • Tray for Printer

Finally Picture which was rendered out from previous shot was used as a photograph coming out of printer as well as for captured pic on camera

Shot 5 (Final Shot and Credits)

Previous materials were used just to show that the tree products are increasing as the trees are decreasing

Movie Compositing & Animation

Adobe After Effects was used for setting up all the key frames for the animation through out. Some of the effects used during the process were

  • Gaussian Blur (for backgrounds and far objects), mainly for simulating depth of field
  • 3D Camera
  • Corner Pin tool for giving perspective view for the printer and shadows
  • Color correction for the backgrounds
  • Traditional Scaling, translation and rotation

Final Composition

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