Adding Google Analytics to NuxtJS app

Setting up Google Analytics Account

  • Go to Google Analytics home page
  • Sign in with your google account (otherwise Sign Up)
  • Click on the Admin icon on the left pane admin create account analytics
  • Create an account for the website by providing the details for the property to measure, which in this my business website: Skynet Technology Ltd analytics ga4 account setup 01

    • Provide the details about the business
  • Click DataStreams under the property column and create a new Web Stream analytics ga4 account setup 02
  • Finally something like the following should appear on the screen with a Measurement ID that is of the format G-XXXXXXX. Make a note of this analytics ga4 account setup 03
  • Now go in the Source code of the NuxtJS app and create a folder called plugins at the root with a file called gtag.js js app setup 01
  • Install the vue-gtag package using yarn (or npm if you use it). Please note "vue-gtag": "^1.16.1" is the working version with this setup.
yarn add vue-gtag
  • Add the following to the plugins/gtag.js file. Replace the value against id by providing the Measurement ID shown in the earlier step
import Vue from "vue";
import VueGtag from 'vue-gtag';

Vue.use(VueGtag, {
    config: {id: 'G-XXXXXXXXXX'}
  • Add the path to the created plugin in nuxt.config.js file at the root

    plugins: [

    js app setup 02

That's mostly it. Just follow through your deployment process and should see the real time stats as a method of verification verification realtime


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