Github login using access token via command line



Run the following sequence of steps to figure out the solution

  • First Go to Github Tokens for your account
  • Then hit on Generate new token

    • Give appropriate Note for identifying it at a later date
    • Select proper Expiration time => You will need to regenerate your token after expiration
    • Select OAuth scopes as per requirement
    • Hit Generate Token at the end image

Note down the generated token as it won't be shown again, in a secure place

Now get back to command line (in my case PowerShell)

  • Make sure to check the email/username configured with git commandline global settings

    git config --global
    git config --global
  • Set the values accordingly, if they are not as intended

    git config --global "your_github_username"
    git config --global "your_github_email"
  • One can check all the config values by running the following

    git config -l
    git config -l --global  # shows only global config values
  • Set credential helper timeout to probably few hours or a day, so as to avoid the prompt for login on every git push/git pull command

    git config --global credential.helper "cache --timeout=86400"
  • Run git pull while at the root of the existing cloned repository

    Username for '' : username
    Password for '' : paste your personal token from earlier step here

You should all be setup until the timeout happens and the prompt appears again

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