Deleting linux from dual boot

Fixing bootrec before deleting linux partitions

  • Restart the machine if not in Windows OS
  • Select Windows (/dev/sda) from the menu
  • No need to login
  • Just hold SHIFT and press the power icon at the bottom right to see Restart in the pop up menu
  • Keep on holding SHIFT (might have to leave it for a couple of seconds in the middle) until Restarting slowly transitions to Please Wait
  • Hit TroubleShoot option from the list
  • Hit Advanced Options from the list
  • Hit Command Prompt from the list
  • System reboots to the grub boot loader menu
  • Select Windows (/dev/sda) from the menu
  • Select your user account
  • Login with your password
  • Type the following sequence of commands
bootrec /fixmbr
bootsect/nt60 sys
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /scanos
bootrec /rebuildbcd

Deleting linux partitions

  • Hit Turn off your PC
  • Power up the host again
  • Select Windows (/dev/sda) from the menu
  • Press Windows Key + X on keyboard
  • Select Disk Management
  • Delete the partitions related to the Linux OS (leave EFI partition)
  • Press Windows Key + X on keyboard
  • Select Power Shell Administrator
  • Type the following commands
list disk
select disk 0    # this would be the hard disk
list partition
select partition 2
assign letter=X
cd EFI
rd fedora        # or whatever linux os

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